Sustainable development themes

Biodiversity / conservation

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Tree planting - part of the PInatubo Biodiversity Conservation projct
Trees for the Future

Perspectives on Biodiversity / conservation

Tim Smit | The Eden Project

Tim Smit describes the genesis of the Eden Project in a Cornish garden, the nail-biting challenges of redeveloping a big hole in the ground, and what has become one of the most well-known mining regeneration projects in the world.

John Sauven | Greenpeace: origins, campaigns and visions

John Sauven looks through the highs, lows and lessons learnt by Greenpeace, a global network of ordinary people willing to do extraordinary things to protect the environment.

Yolanda Kakabadse | WWF: a reflective narrative

In 1961, the year in which WWF was established, the world was a very different  place. Then, around a billion people lived in the world, fewer than half the  number now alive, global average life expectancy was around 30 per cent lower  than today, and air travel was a luxury for the few while mobile phones and the internet were part of science fiction.

Bill Adams | Biodiversity conservation and sustainable development

Bill Adams looks at development in the field of biodiversity conservation, an area where success stories are often rivalled with news of extinctions, but also an area where tackling isolated issues of protection has moved to an understanding of biodiversity's integral importance to sustainable development.


Timeline for Biodiversity / conservation

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