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Left to right: Reading teachers Miriam Banda, Nchimunya Musole and Betty Chocha work on the OLPC XO-1.5 laptops each Saturday creating Etoys reading programs.
EIFL Knowledge without Boundaries

Perspectives on Education

Tim Smit | The Eden Project

Tim Smit describes the genesis of the Eden Project in a Cornish garden, the nail-biting challenges of redeveloping a big hole in the ground, and what has become one of the most well-known mining regeneration projects in the world.

Sara Parkin | Leadership for sustainable development

Many business leaders understand well the importance of sustainability, yet much leadership education seems not to. Sara Parkin looks at the needs of leadership for sustainable development.

Jane Wilkinson | Education and sustainable development

Education for sustainable development has been a core thread, since at least the first Rio conference in 1992. But this won't translate fully into practice without systemic change, as Jane Wilkinson explains.


Timeline for Education

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