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Dr Malcolm McIntosh FRSA is Professor and Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, which he joined in 2009. He started teaching and writing on corporate responsibility and sustainability in 1990 after previous careers in television production and journalism with the BBC, peace research at Bradford University, and business and language teaching in Sweden, Japan and Australia. He has worked at the universities of Warwick and Coventry and been a visiting professor at the universities of Doshisha, Bath, Bristol, Stellenbosch, Waikato, and Sydney.

He is the producer, author or co-author of more than twenty books and numerous articles for journals, magazines and newspapers and he has been a frequent commentator on television and radio around the world on social issues, business responsibility and sustainable enterprise. He has been a special advisor to the UN Global Compact and was the founding editor of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship. In the last two decades he has advised governments, corporations and international NGOs as well working at a community level to establish local initiatives.

In the words of one reviewer, in ‘a world of siloed thinking he has concentrated on getting people to talk to people they wouldn’t normally talk to’, built partnerships for innovative research and publishing projects, pioneered the teaching of business, human rights, and sustainability, and been at the heart of many corporate responsibility initiatives.

“The task of life, politics, management and leadership
is to work for the highest ideals of the good society,
and not to worship expediency, money and evil.
But, between the quick and the dead lie the twists and turns
of outrageous fortune. In a brick wall there are always
a few lose bricks. Keeping looking and break out.
Love life, love the planet.”

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The UN Global Compact

Malcolm McIntosh surveys the development and impacts of the Global Compact - a set of principles for sustainable development adopted by big business and the United Nations.