Sustainable development themes

Food and agriculture

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Agriculture workers in Argentina benefited by Provincial Agricultural Development Project (PROSAP), financed by the World Bank
Nahuel Berger / World Bank

Perspectives on Food and agriculture

Chandran Nair | Sustainable consumption

Chandran Nair looks at progress made towards sustainable consumption, and finds more to lament than to celebrate...

Rupert Howes | Sustainable fisheries

Global fisheries are perhaps the biggest sustainable challenge after climate change: the world wants to have its fish and eat it. But Rupert Howes looks at how, by engaging the whole supply chain, significant efforts are being made towards sustainable fisheries.

Water dripping from leaf

Dominic Waughray | Local no longer: water resources and sustainable development

Water sustainability - both problems and solutions - have generally been seen as local. But when you take a global perspective, you see a new scale of challenge. Dominic Waughrey gives us 10 years to act...


Timeline for Food and agriculture

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