Sustainable development themes

Humanity and nature

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Thown away television lies at the side of a lake
Chris Lim

Perspectives on Humanity and nature

Earth rising, as seen from the moon

Andy Dobson | De-centering human beings

For as long as humans see themselves as the centre of life on earth, they'll not be able to keep that life going. Andrew Dobson explains the need for a cultural revolution to de-center human beings.

Crispin Tickell | Population

Crispin Tickell surveys the rampant rise of human population - from being a species to a geological period - and wonders if our size will eventually be our ultimate undoing.

Yolanda Kakabadse | WWF: a reflective narrative

In 1961, the year in which WWF was established, the world was a very different  place. Then, around a billion people lived in the world, fewer than half the  number now alive, global average life expectancy was around 30 per cent lower  than today, and air travel was a luxury for the few while mobile phones and the internet were part of science fiction.


Timeline for Humanity and nature

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