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Most people arriving at Dolo Ado have little or nothing in the way of possessions or food. Children especially are at risk - almost 50% are acutely malnourished.
Cate Turton/Department for International Development

Perspectives on Poverty

Francesca de Gasparis | The Green Belt Movement

The Green Belt Movement won the Nobel Peace Prize for its founder, Wangari Maathai. Francesca de Gasparis looks at how the movement has developed.

Diane Diacon | Progress of human settlements and sustainable development over the last 50 years

As the world population increases and moves into cities, our human settlements may endanger the poor or present the solutions for sustainability. Diane Diacon explains that we have the solutions but we need to start applying them.

Waste collecting on the side of a river

Sunita Narain | The Centre for Science and Environment

CSE was set up in 1980 in New Delhi as an institution that would work on topical issues of sustainable development, looking at the linkages between science, technology, and environment. The objective was to create public consciousness on the need for sustainable development, and influence public policies, as Sunita Narain describes.


Timeline for Poverty

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