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Sustainable development (general)

Perspectives on Sustainable development (general)

Solitaire Townsend | Walking the talk: communicating sustainability

If you want to do something positive for sustainable development, put the scaremongering to one side. Soli Townsend shares her insights about communications for sustainable development.

Rubens Born | Vitae Civilis: history and achievements

Vitae Civilis – the Institute for Development, Environment and Peace, in Brazil – was set up in 1989, following the Bruntland Report. Its mission is to support communities to build sustainable societies, as Rubens Born describes.

Camilla Toulmin | IIED: the first 40 years...

Building bridges, informing policy with research, and finding ways to amplify hushed voices: Camilla Toulmin walks through the journey of IIED, spanning four decades and the modern environment movement.

Sara Parkin | The meaning of sustainable development

Sara Parkin explores the interwoven themes that make up 'sustainable development' and surveys some of the history and definitions of the term.

Earth rising, as seen from the moon

Andy Dobson | De-centering human beings

For as long as humans see themselves as the centre of life on earth, they'll not be able to keep that life going. Andrew Dobson explains the need for a cultural revolution to de-center human beings.

Jonathan Sinclair Wilson | Earthscan: publisher for sustainable development

Jonathan Sinclair Wilson looks back to the beginnings of sustainable development's leading publisher, and reflects on the changing role of information publishing today.

Ian Johnson | The development of The Club of Rome

Starting with a motley group of businessmen, academics and scientists meeting in Rome in the 1960s, Ian Johnson looks at how the Club of Rome has influenced global thinking about sustainable development.


Timeline for Sustainable development (general)

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