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Technology / communications

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Sahal Gure Mohamed, 62, texts on his mobile phone while waiting in line at dawn to register at Ifo refugee camp, having fled from Somalia. Just over 10% of new arrivals and nearly 20% of long-term residents said they access information through cell phones
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Perspectives on Technology / communications

Chandran Nair | Sustainable consumption

Chandran Nair looks at progress made towards sustainable consumption, and finds more to lament than to celebrate...

Solitaire Townsend | Walking the talk: communicating sustainability

If you want to do something positive for sustainable development, put the scaremongering to one side. Soli Townsend shares her insights about communications for sustainable development.

Rubens Born | Vitae Civilis: history and achievements

Vitae Civilis – the Institute for Development, Environment and Peace, in Brazil – was set up in 1989, following the Bruntland Report. Its mission is to support communities to build sustainable societies, as Rubens Born describes.

Jonathan Sinclair Wilson | Earthscan: publisher for sustainable development

Jonathan Sinclair Wilson looks back to the beginnings of sustainable development's leading publisher, and reflects on the changing role of information publishing today.


Timeline for Technology / communications

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