Sustainable development themes

Water and sanitation

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A boy drinks from a freshwater well installed by Charity:Water, meaning that children are no longer at risk from Dysentery and women no longer need to walk for miles each day to fetch water.

Perspectives on Water and sanitation

Barbara Frost | WaterAid: a biography

From a 1981 conference for the UK water industry, to helping 17.5 million people gain access to clean water, Kate Whittaker looks at how WaterAid has worked towards a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation.

Water dripping from leaf

Dominic Waughray | Local no longer: water resources and sustainable development

Water sustainability - both problems and solutions - have generally been seen as local. But when you take a global perspective, you see a new scale of challenge. Dominic Waughrey gives us 10 years to act...

Waste collecting on the side of a river

Sunita Narain | The Centre for Science and Environment

CSE was set up in 1980 in New Delhi as an institution that would work on topical issues of sustainable development, looking at the linkages between science, technology, and environment. The objective was to create public consciousness on the need for sustainable development, and influence public policies, as Sunita Narain describes.


Timeline for Water and sanitation

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